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Why You Must File Your PCORI Fee with Simple720

Why You Must File Your PCORI Fee with Simple720


As a business owner, you must file a PCORI fee every year in July for all the insured lives as per the Affordable Care Act. The fee collected has been primarily funded for patient-centered comparative clinical effectiveness research(CER). 

Why Filing the PCORI Fee is Important


The primary reason to file your PCORI fee is to stay compliant with IRS regulations. Non-compliance can result in PCORI penalties, which can add up and negatively impact your business.

2. Supports Research:

Paying the PCORI fee supports valuable research that can lead to improved healthcare outcomes. As a business, we need to give back the society.

Why Choose Simple720 for Filing Your PCORI Fee?

1. IRS Authorization

We are an IRS-authorized 720 efile provider, which means it meets the stringent requirements set by the IRS for security, accuracy, and data privacy. This authorization gives you peace of mind knowing that your PCORI fee filing is handled by a reliable service provider.

2. User-Friendly Platform

Our 720 online portal is seamless. You can easily navigate and file your PCORI Fee in a few minutes. This can save you time and reduce the stress associated with tax compliance.

3. Accurate Calculations

We ensure all calculations related to your PCORI fee are accurate. The platform uses the recent applicable PCORI fee(as per IRS guidelines) to calculate the fee based on the number of covered lives, minimizing the risk of errors.

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4. Timely Reminders

We provide timely reminders through emails to ensure that you never miss a filing deadline. This mail goes to regular filers who file form 720 with us. 

5. Secure Data Handling

We have been in the filing business since 2009. We respect everyone’s data. Data security is a top priority at Simple720. We use advanced technologies and processes to protect your data at all levels. 

6. Dedicated Support

We offer dedicated customer support to assist you with any concerns you may have while filing your PCORI fee in the online portal. Our expertized team can guide you at every step and resolve your queries immediately. 


Filing your PCROI fee is mandatory if you meet the PCORI eligibility criteria. Be wise and choose Simple720 Online Portal and experience the convenience of PCORI filing!
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