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Fuel Excise Tax in the United States

  • The fuel excise tax on gasoline is 18.4 cents per gallon and 24.4 cents per gallon for diesel fuel in 2024.
  • Form 720 covers the fuel tax under Sections 4081 and 4041, and it comes under the regulations of the IRS.
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Why Simple 720 for Fuel Excise Tax?

No Software Download

Experience seamless tax filing for your business by visiting the Simple 720 website. Easily input your business and taxable details without the need to download any software or app. Our platform provides comprehensive guidance throughout the process, ensuring that businesses can effortlessly navigate the fuel excise tax filing procedure.

IRS Authorized

As an IRS Authorized 720 efile service provider, we pride ourselves on offering streamlined tax filing solutions. The IRS strongly advocates for efiling over manual methods. E-filing not only conserves time but also contributes to environmental preservation. By choosing our service, you can effortlessly manage your fuel excise tax obligations while promoting sustainability.

Secured Data

At Simple 720, safeguarding your data is our top priority, and we uphold uncompromising standards. Trusted by numerous reputable organizations for filing fuel excise tax, we employ stringent backend processes to ensure the security of your information. Rest assured, your data is in safe hands with us.

Why Fuel Excise Tax Filing Online
Instead of Paper Filing?

Advantage of Tanning Tax Filing Online
Efficiency and Time-Saving Benefits
Accuracy and Error Reduction
Convenience and Accessibility
Enhanced Security Measures
Drawbacks of Paper Filing
Loss in Transit
Compliance Risks
Time-consuming process
Increased risk of errors
Delayed processing

Just a few steps to complete your
Fuel Excise Tax Filing Online

We know that you are incredibly busy working in your business! Save your time for other key business decision. Leave the Excise Tax work to us! Our portal completes it in a few minutes.

Business Information

  • Give primary specifics about your business like the name and address, phone number, and Tax ID.

Tax Information

  • Go to Fuel Tax, then select the particular fuel tax category (LPG, Diesel Tax, P Series Fuels etc.,) that’s applicable for your business.

Payment Information

  • Complete the payment form with your preferred payment method and verify the fee amount for the tax.

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