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2 IRS-Accepted Payment Methods for Online PCORI Filing

2 IRS-Accepted Payment Methods for Online PCORI Filing


When you decide to do PCORI filing online with the IRS-approved portal Simple 720, you may have some questions about making payments online. Here is detailed clarity on how you can do the PCORI filing online. Our portal provides two payment methods:

1.     Electronic Funds Withdrawal (Direct Debit)

2.     EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System)

1.     Electronic Funds Withdrawal (Direct Debit):

This payment method allows the portal to Authorize the IRS to directly debit your bank account. For automatic debit, some of the mandatory information is stored in the portal, including:

Bank Name – Provide the Bank name.

Account Type – Select whether it is a savings account / checking account.

Bank Account Number – Provide the account number correctly.

Routing transit number – Provide the routing transit number.

Your payment is completed once these details are submitted correctly. 

2.     EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System):

This is another payment option available for filing. If you already have an account with EFTPS.GOV, it only takes minutes to file. If you do not have an account, it will take 15 days to set one up. We have two options under EFTPS, which are:

Debit/Credit Card - You need to enter the details like Card number, expiration date, CVV and complete the payment.

Bank Account – This option is applicable only for US citizens where you need to enter the details like Name on account, Account number, and routing number and complete the payment. 


Though IRS provides 2 methods for filing PCORI online EFTPS is recommended only if you have an existing account with EFTPS.GOV. Otherwise, it is always recommended to go with the Electronic Funds Withdrawal method for filing the PCORI in a few minutes. 

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