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PCORI Due Date 2024 | Simple720

PCORI Due Date 2024 | Simple720


When is the PCORI Fee due date in 2024?

PCORI Fee is due by July 31st,2024 which is a Wednesday. The PCORI fee needs to be paid to the IRS. 

How do you pay your PCORI fee?

There are 2 prominent methods to pay your PCORI fee.

1.Online through an IRS Authorized Provider like Simple720

2.Manual Filing.

The IRS recommends and encourages online filing rather than paper filing. 

Benefits of Online Filing:

Faster Processing:

Compared with manual filing, PCORI Online filing can be completed in a few minutes. With the Simple720 online portal, you can save time and effort.


On manual filing, you may encounter calculation errors. In Online filing, our dashboard populates the calculation when you enter the basic details – ‘number of lives covered’.

Cost and Impact:

Paper filing seems to be cost-effective. But there are hidden charges like postage, printing, etc., Online filing may have a small amount as a process fee but it's convenient and efficient.

Let’s save the earth by avoiding printing paper wherever possible!


In paper filing, at times, your filing may not reach the IRS online. It might get lost in transit. Your filing will reach the IRS in a few minutes in online filing. We, at Simple720, 100% secure your data at all times.


In paper filing, the data are hard to maintain and retrieve. In online filing, you can access your filing data anytime by our Simple720 dashboard. 

What happens when you do not file PCORI on time?

The IRS levies a penalty for non-filing of up to 25%. Read our article on the PCORI Penalty to learn about the consequences.

PCORI filings are made simple with our Simple720 Excise Tax Online Portal.

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