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PCORI Online Vs Paper – Which is better?

PCORI Online Vs Paper – Which is better?


Planning to file your PCORI Fee manually? Let’s compare manual vs. online filing to understand which has greater advantages in this blog.

1) Faster:

Filing PCORI online is easier and faster compared to manual filing. With the Simple 720 PCORI Submission portal, you can complete the filing in just a few minutes.

2) Complexity:

Manual filing involves a lot of complexity, such as printouts and postage charges. However, our online portal is easy to navigate, allowing thousands of people to complete their PCORI online filings smoothly.

3) Error-Free:

Calculation errors may occur when filing manually. In case of online filing, you just need to feed the data, our dashboard populates the tax fee to be paid. 

4) Retrieval:

With manual filing, documents need to be stored carefully for future reference. By filing PCORI online, you can retrieve the data through our Simple 720 PCORI portal in just a few minutes.

5) Cost:

Manual filings involve the cost of papers, stamps, postal work, and labor. But online filing saves these costs as no hard copies are involved.

6) Efficient and Guidance:

Manual filings lack proper guidance, which can leave you stuck in the process. When you file your PCORI online, we have a dedicated customer support team to assist you.

7) Confirmation:

Online filing provides immediate acknowledgment upon submission, which is not possible with manual filing. 

Considering these advantages, filing PCORI online is always the wiser choice for simplicity and efficiency.

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