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Where to File Form 720 this quarter - The Clear Guide

Where to File Form 720 this quarter - The Clear Guide


If you run your own business and are into selling certain products like tobacco, airplane tickets, and gas, then you will be expected to pay a certain type of tax called the excise tax. This is where Form 720 comes into the picture. Filing the form 720 is extremely important if you want to adhere to legal compliances. All you need to do is fill it up and send it to the IRS quarterly.

Where to file form 720?

There are 2 popular options to file your form 720. You can file directly by sending it to the below address:
Department of the Treasury,
Internal Revenue Service,
Ogden, UT 84201-0009
This above information is updated as per Instructions for form 720(Rev. June 2023). 

You can also efile your form 720 electronically. IRS encourages businesses to file online for a very long time. Go with IRS Authorized efile providers as mentioned on the IRS website. Simple720 is one of the authorized providers suggested by the IRS.

5 Reasons to File Form 720 electronically:

100% secured:

When you send our form 720 through the mail, there are chances it might get lost in transit. But when you adopt efiling option, your filing is completed in a few minutes.

Saves Time

E-filing saves time by eliminating the need to print or send physical emails. You could either do it online or get it done in a couple of minutes. Either way, it’s going to save you time and focus on other tasks that matter.

Reduces Error

If you are considering e-filing, this will definitely benefit you. E-filing checks for small mistakes and reduces prompts or any kind of information to ensure the details are accurate and complete.

Swift confirmation

E-filing allows you to offer instant confirmation once you have submitted the return. This will definitely reduce all doubts and confusion and ensure that you are not missing out on any important details.


Going for e-filing here is easy because it can be done at any time and anywhere as far as you have internet access. This also ensures that if you have a busy business, you will never have to worry about leaving work in the middle of the day to go and file your returns.

Why 720 e-filing is the best option?

E-filing is fast, efficient, super smooth, and secure. Electronic filings of Form 720 will allow you to get your form filing done on time without having to wait for the last date. Not only that, it reduces space for errors and improves service reliability as well. So if you want to consider e-filing, do consider this as an option.

Why trust Simple720?

  1. Our approach to tax services prioritizes the security of your sensitive information, employing robust measures to ensure data safety. 
  2. You won't have to worry about downloading any software; instead, we offer a user-friendly web-based platform that simplifies the tax filing process. 
  3. Our team of experts streamlines the form-filling experience for your convenience, making it efficient and hassle-free. 
  4. As an IRS-authorized E-File provider, we work alongside you to ensure dependable tax submissions, backed by the authorization of the IRS, giving you peace of mind in your tax-related endeavors.

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