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PCORI Fee 2024

PCORI Fee 2024


How much is the PCORI Fee for 2024?

For each year, the PCORI fee may change, so it is always advised to check the current fee before paying it. The current year is from October 1, 2023, to September 30, 2024.  For plans or policy years that fall within this period, the PCORI fee needs to be paid. The PCORI fee for 2024 is $3.22 per covered life.


PCORI due date:


When filing, it's important to remember the PCORI due dates. The PCORI fees must be paid by July 31, 2024. The fee must be paid on time, or you will incur a PCORI penalty.


How can you complete PCORI filing through us?


There are 2 options provided by the IRS for paying the PCORI fee.

Manual filing, and Online filing.


Though you might be comfortable with manual filing, it's time-consuming and encounters errors. If the fees is not paid, you might get a letter from the IRS.


Please refer to the below blog link for the easy Steps to File Your PCORI Fee Online in a few minutes.


The IRS recommends online filing over manual filing. Complete your PCORI fee filing online and experience the convenience. 

Have a stress-free PCORI filing year!

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